Magic Turkey (from Batumi)

Full day tour

From Batumi to the border of Turkey, only a few kilometers. Why not go for one day at least? We will give you this opportunity! Together with us you can get to the historic city of Trabzon – one of the largest cities of Byzantium and the capital of the Empire of Trebizond, to the mountain lake Uzungöl – the most fashionable and picturesque resort of the whole Black Sea Turkey, visit the tea factory and get acquainted with Turkish culture and traditions.

Trip route:

Uzungöl Lake, Trabzon, tea factory



We will visit Trabzon, the oldest Turkish city that appeared 750 years before our era as the easternmost Greek colony on the Black Sea coast. He experienced periods of great prosperity and decline, being one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Pontus, a major city of the Roman and Byzantine Empire, and the capital of the Trebizond Empire.
The rich history left a mark on the image of Trabzon and left behind many cultural monuments, which are worth a visit. Our guide, a connoisseur of antiquities, will tell you how this city was built and changed, take you through the ancient streets of the former capital of the Trebizond Empire and reveal to you all its terrible and bright secrets.

Lunch and shopping

After, we will have time for lunch with delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine and time for shopping: there is a huge market and a lot of shopping centers, where you can buy clothes and shoes from famous brands for just a penny.

Uzungöl Lake

On a picturesque road we will go up to the Pontic Mountains where you will see the pearl of the whole Eastern Anatolia – the mountain lake Uzungöl. Now it is the most fashionable resort of the whole Black Sea Turkey – the sheikhs of the Arab countries and the richest people of Turkey are resting here. And there is something to pay for – a spectacular view opens from the resort’s observation platforms – snow peaks of mountain peaks frame the bowl with crystal clear lake water. Here, literally from each stone, mineral springs beat, and the pleasant coolness of the mountain air creates a unique healing microclimate.

Tea factory

The region of Rize is considered the capital of tea throughout Turkey – and tea in this country is the main drink, tea traditions are respected here and certainly perfectly versed in tea! We are waiting for an excursion to one of the tea factories of the region, where you will see all the stages of the process of producing black Turkish tea and taste several of its varieties.

$45 (130 gel)

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Children under 6 years – FREE
For children from 6 to 12 years – 50% discount

Price is including

English speaking guide;
All tickets
Water in the bus.