Martvili canyons and Kinche Waterfall (from Batumi)

Full day tour

We will go with you on an amazing journey to the waterfalls and canyons of Georgia.

Route trip:

  • Martvili canyon
  • Kinche Waterfall
  • Okace Canyon

Martvili canyon

Martvili Canyon – our next stop. In the canyon, into the arms of the rocks, down the waterfall with emerald waters. Here we take a boat trip and bathe in the hot sulfur springs.

Kinche Waterfall
The waterfall of Kinczha is a cascade of waterfalls, consisting of two steps flowing into the Okace River. In the place of the fall of the waterfall Kinhcha formed a small lake, the water from which descends the second stage of the cascade. This waterfall is weaker and smaller in height than the waterfall of Kinhcha, just 20 meters. The place of the fall of this waterfall is in the vicinity of the village of Kveda-Kinhcha. The location of the waterfall also attracts tourists with old bathing facilities. The reservoirs that occur in the Upper Canyon were used by the princes as bathing. This is evidenced by special constructions of white stone. They are located 100-150 meters above the waterfall.

Okace Canyon
Previously, the beauty and grandeur of Okecie Canyon was little known and difficult to reach for visitors. But with the development of tourism in Georgia, this creation of nature was ennobled and opened for general review. By the canyon Okace it is a narrow suspension bridge with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of 140 meters above the cliff, which is approximately 45 floors. The spectacle is certainly spectacular and in some way extreme, especially for those who are not a big fan of heights.

52$(130 gel)

Children under 6 years – FREE
For children from 6 to 12 years – 50% discount

Price is including

English speaking guide;
All entrance tickets;
Water in the bus.

Start the tour at 09-00, 20-00 return to Tbilisi

Additional payments

Lunch (average bill of 25 lari)