Master-class Georgian cuisine (Tbilisi)

The duration of the master class –  2,5  hours

Do you want to learn how to cook khinkali, khachapuri and other Georgian dishes? We are happy to assist you. You will not only spend time pleasantly, but also can come home and surprise your guests with new opportunities and wonderful taste real Georgian dishes.

Course program

The story of the Georgian products and dishes, cooking and dinner

Our wonderful chef  teach you how to navigate the Georgian seasonings and products, you will know what to use for the preparation of Georgian dishes, some meat and cheese to choose, what can be replaced, if necessary, specific Georgian seasonings in your home. And then you dive into the creative process of creating khinkali, khachapuri and other Georgian dishes. After Georgia cooking process is the same work as the creation of drawing a picture or writing a novel! You will learn the philosophy of the Georgian culinary skills and learn how to prepare yourself the famous Georgian dishes. At dinner you will certainly try that cook themselves under the guidance of our chef, drink wine and listen to entertaining stories about Georgian customs and life.

Welcome to the master class for Georgian cuisine!

$35 (80 gel)

all inclusive