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Ajarian khachapuri master class + wine tasting

Georgia is considered one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Only very few people know that winemaking in Georgia originates in a very distant past – the X century BC. And today, no Georgian feast is complete without fine wine and colorful toast. Back in those times, Georgian winemakers already knew that the best wine was prepared only in special vessels, which were called, and are still called, Kvevri.
The adoption of Christianity played a special role in winemaking. When in 337 the Christian religion was recognized by Georgia as a state religion, the wine began to bear the character of a ritual drink.
Georgian winemaking is no longer separable from the country itself and is a national identity. UNESCO has included the traditional Georgian winemaking method in its list of World Cultural Heritage.
We offer a visit to the carefully selected wine cellar “Marani” which is located in the city of Batumi. Without leaving the city, you will be able to taste real Georgian wines and chacha, learn the secrets of Georgian winemaking, take part in a master class of traditional dishes that tame Georgian drinking wine culture. Georgia is famous for its cuisine and the peculiarity is that each region has its own unique dishes of secrets that the chef “Marani” will share with you. The chef will show you how to cook real “Argonauts’ boats” full of cheese and butter so that you can take a piece of Adjara and manage to cook delicious Adjarian Khachapuri after traveling in Georgia at home. According to the most common version, the shape of the boat was invented by coastal residents, sailors, and the egg represents the sun, rolled into the sea.
Therefore, the Adjarian Khachapuri is the business card of Adjara and one of the main attributes of Georgian cooking.
A pleasant and informative process of studying and tasting wine will be decorated by the owner of “Marani” who will accept you as his guests and answer all questions as a professional in winemaking.

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