Georgian Wedding (from Batumi)

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The most exclusive and new tour that only Tkemali Tour can offer you is a Georgian Wedding.

Georgian wedding is a real event that goes beyond the ordinary wedding celebration. On this day, two large families are born, as there are no small families in this country. Therefore, the whole district or even the village knows about the marriage, and prepare for it with all reverence.
Georgian wedding, the traditions of which have deep historical roots, consists of three stages. Machankloba – matchmaking. Nišnoba – betrothal. Corzili – directly wedding. Cortyles is just the most important part of the tradition where we invite you. Before the young people enter the hall, traditional Georgian music sounds; the bride and groom break a plate on the threshold of the restaurant and pass to the separate table, applauded by the guests, along the path covered with rose petals. The hall is decorated very beautifully and richly – the tables and chairs are draped with fabric, the hall is full of vibrant colors and other decorations. Tables lined with the best dishes, jugs of wine, fruit and sweets. Hot dishes are served throughout the evening, so that by the end of the holiday there is absolutely no place on the table.

Georgian toasts are a separate phenomenon, they are wise, witty and instructive stories about the main things in life – about peace, faith, health, friendship, family. Be sure to remember the departed, which is referred to as living. No feast, no friendly gathering, even a company of 2-3 people, without toasts, therefore, toasts at Georgian grand weddings take on special significance. The toastmaster leads the feast – as a rule, this honorable mission is trusted by one of the most respected members.
family or close friends. The toastmaster makes toasts himself, and also provides an opportunity for each guest to speak.
At the wedding, it is not customary to shout “bitterly”, young people do not kiss in public, but the first dance of the bride and groom is obligatory. Georgian dancing is an incredible fascinating spectacle. The best dancers who entertain guests during the feast are invited to the wedding, delighting the eye with luxurious embroidered costumes and graceful movements, swift and smooth at the same time. Georgians are famous for their unsurpassed dance skills. They reflect all feminine refinement and masculine power.

Music and dancing at a Georgian wedding are equally fiery and energetic. Here everyone dances: guests, relatives, the bride and groom. Therefore, all Georgian festivities are very fun and sincere.

Getting to the Georgian wedding means feeling the culture of Georgia, trying the rarest and delicious Georgian dishes, drinking the best Georgian wines and Chacha, getting to know the warm people who will welcome you as their guests, then you will see the best dancers who hold spectacular performances and only after this trip will you You can freely say that you have seen Georgia and felt all the love and beauty of this historical, traditional and culturally rich country.

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