Mountains, sea and Georgian feast.

10 days/9 nights

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Tbilisi – Kakheti – Mtskheta – Kazbegi – Borjomi – Vardzia- Akhaltsikhe – Kutaisi – Batumi
Start the tour every day


Day 1. Arrival

Meeting at the airport in Tbilisi. Transfer, sightseeing of the capital Tbilisi. Sightseeing tour of Tbilisi, churches, Tbilisian yards, Sulphur Bath Houses, going up to Narikala Fortress by Cable car, Mtatsminda Pantheon , wine house with wine degustation. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 2 Kakheti

Town of love Signagi, Bodbe Monastery, holy spring, wine degustation and visit to wine factory in Kindzmarauli, Tsinandaly Palace with very old wine cellar. Master class in making local food . Dinner in local family (for additional charge). Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 3 Georgian Military Highway, Kazbegi

Ananuri Fortress, Jinvali Water Reservoir, Mineral springs, Town of Kazbegi, Museum of mountain culture,Gergeti Trinity Church. Master class – make mountain Khinkali and dinner in the local family (for additional charge). Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 4 Mtskheta – Gori – Uflistsikhe

Anciant capital of Georgia Mtskheta, UNECSO world heritage sites – Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Stalin museum in Gori, Uflistsikhe cave town. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 5 Tbilisi. Free time (purchase of souvenirs and wine)

Visit to Hulphur Bath Houses, Georgian theatres, museums and other wonderful places in Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 6 Borjomi – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe (Rabati fortress)

Borjomi mineral water, majestic cave town Vardzia, sightseeing in Akhaltsikhe and visit to Rabati fortress. Overnight in Akhaltsikhe.

Day 7 Kutaisi – The land of Argonauts

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Chathedral , Motsameta church and Prometheus Grotto. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 8 Batumi

Sightseeing tour of Batumi, the center of Ajarian Autonomous region, Botanical Garden. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 9 Batumi

Visiting Gonio Fortress, mountainous Ajaria –with majestic waterfalls and springs, visit local wine cellar. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 10 Transfer to the airport in Tbilisi or Batumi.
Package price per person (DBL/TWIN):

• Hotel 3* – $740
• Hotel 4* – $980
• Hotel 5* – $2200

Package price per person (SNGL):

• Hotel 3* – $965
• Hotel 4* – $1340
• Hotel 5* – $3100

Children on an occasional seat of 6-12 years – 50% discount. Children on an occasional seat under 6 years – FREE. Children on the main place under 12 years – 50% discount.

Tourist operator has the right to change the order of excursions

The price includes:

• Accommodation
• Breakfast
• Wine degustation in Tbilisi and Kindzmarauli
• Welcome dinner with Georgian dances (for additional charge)
• Transfers
• English-speaking guide
• Water in the bus
• Good mood!

Itinerary according each day 

Day 1
Мост Мира



Arrival; meeting at the airport in Tbilisi. Transfer, sightseeing of the capital Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful cities with its own style and atmosphere. Tbilisi is older than 1500 years! Each century left its mark on it.
It`s like a time machine. Every turning offers you new secrets and every building has its own history: narrow streets, famous balconies, patios and ancient churches.
We will have unforgettable sightseeing tour in Tbilisi. Going up to Narikala fortress by cable car, walking along the main avenue in the town Rustavveli avenue, Peace bridge, Rike public garden, with famous musical fountains. We will visit one of the biggest orthodox cathedrals Trinity, the oldest bakery in the town and the wine shop. At the end of day you will get master class of Georgian cuisine.

Бодбийский монастрыь



Kakheti: Bodbe Monastery, Holy Spring, The town of love Signagi, Wine factory in Kindzmarauli, Palace of Tsinandali

Kakheti is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. Seventy percent of Georgian wines are produced here. According to legends, the first vine was grown by Noah on the Ararat mountainside, which is not far from Kakheti. Contemporary archeological diggings prove that Kakhetian people knew how to grow vine in ancient times. Wine jars, stone wine presses, founded in Kakheti, are dated X millennium BC.
Almost every Kakhetin village is well-known for its own sort of wine; Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Teliani, Mukuzani; Called so because of the names of the villages where they are produced.
There are the most beautiful and old churches in Khakheti as well.
In kakheti, in Bodbe, there is a grave of one of the most adored saints in Georgia, enlightener of our country, Sant Nino from Capadocia. We will also visit the spring, near her grave, believed by pilgrims to be holy. After we continue to Signagi, the town of love, with picturesque view to Alazani valley.
We`ll have a traditional dinner with workshop, where you will learn to cook local meals and make traditional candies.
We continue our drive towards Kindzmarauli wine factory, where you will be able to see how this unique wine is produced, and taste other sorts of wine as well.
We will visit famous Palace in Tsinandali. Tsinandali is an ancestral village of one of the most famous Georgian families – Princes Chavchadze. This family gave to Georgia and to the whole world well-known politics, military leaders, poets and scientists. We will visit the prince wine-cellars with the unique collections.
You can walk in a beautiful park, surrounding the palace, like famous Russian diplomat and writer Alexander Griboedov with his young wife Nina Chavchadze.

церковь св. Троицы в Гергети



Georgian Military Highway, Kazbegi – Tbilisi

Today we will have an exciting drive, heading north along the Georgian Military Highway into the high Caucasus Mountains. This is the main road running for 220 km from Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz in Russia, a spectacular highway that winds its way through sheer mountains. So named by Tsar Alexander I, this Route actually dates from before the 1st century BC and is still important as one of the only links to Russia through Caucasus Mountains.

En route we will visit the Ananuri architectural complex (17th century), the two churches and the fortress overlooking the Zhinvali water reservoir. The main church, built in 17th century is considered to be a masterpiece of carving.

Our final destination is Gergeti Trinity Church, located at 2170m above sea level. You can visit this unique church, one of the highlights of our tour. Wheatear permit you may catch glimpse of one of the highest picks is Georgia Mt. Kazbegi – Mkinvartsveri( Ice top 5047m).
You can enjoy picturesque views all around you. There are several interesting thing to see in Kazbegi itself. There is an ethnographic museum and the house museum of famous Georgian writer Aleksandre Kazbegi (the center of this region was named after him).
We will have lunch at local family, taste delicious food, in case you are interested, the housewife will teach you how to make Khinkali.
Transfer to Tbilisi.

Day 4
собор Светицховели



Mtskheta – Djvari Monastery – Gori – Uflistsikhe – Tbilisi

Today we visit ancient capital and religious center of Georgia Mtskheta. A small town, twenty five km. North from Tbilisi. You can’t get closer to Georgian spirit without visiting this town.
In Mtskheta there is the main chathedral in Georgia, UNESCO World Heritage Site Svetitskhoveli, several monastic complexes. In one of them, according the legend, lived St. Nino, another one, Jvari Monastery, was described in his poem by famous Russian Poet and writer Mikhail Lermontov . Jvari Monasetri is UNESCO World Heritage site as well, located at the top of the hill. This is the place where the missionary St Nino erected a cross (“jvari” in Georgian) in the 4th century to mark the coming of Christianity to Georgia.

We continue our way to Uflistsikhe, the oldest cave town in Georgia. Back in the first millennium BC it was a flourishing city situated on the great east-west trade route, the Silk Road. Visitors can still walk among the ancient streets, rock-carved theatre, royal halls, pharmacy, pagan temples and Christian churches, while the remains of granaries and large clay wine vessels give us some clue as to the daily life of the inhabitants.

Our final destination is the town of Gori, Stalin’s birthplace and one of the oldest towns in Georgia (built in 1123 year by the most eminent king in Georgian history David the Builder).
Josef Stalin (1879 – 1953) was Georgia’s most infamous son; the secretary general of the Communist Party from 1922 until his death, he is said to have been one of the cruelest dictators of modern times, although you might hear a different version in Georgia. In Gori you can visit his house and the Stalin Museum which features the famous Stalin statue that was controversially standing in the main square up until June 2010.

Day 5
Free day

Today you can enjoy free day in our capital. You can walk around the town, by souvenirs, wine, visit museums, theatres, and have dinner at cozy Georgian style restaurant.

Day 6



Borjomi – Vardzia – Akhaltsikhe – Rabati Fortress

Borjomi is the small town in mountains. There are many beautiful places to visit there, but mostly the town became famous, because of mineral water Botjomi, with unique healing qualities and taste. It’s been known for centuries, that this water was unique, but it really become famous during Russian reign in Georgia. Russian built here resort, palaces, and found out about mineral water itself. Borjomi water won its first golden medal in 1907 in Belgium. The water has been bottled since 1896.

We continue our way to Vardzia cave town (12th century). En route you will visit Khertvisi Fortress (10th century) before moving to the magnificent Vardzia. Vardzia is one of the highlights of the trip and stretches over half a kilometer along the river Mtkvari, with 19 tiers. There used to be about 3000 caves here, but now there are just over 500. It has a church hewn out of rock with amazing 12th century frescoes. The Complex also includes living quarters, small hall-type churches, and refectories, wine cellar, etc.

Continue towards the town of Akhlatsikhe (New Fortress) that always has had strategic importance. That’s why the fortress Rabat has been built here in IX century, it’s been called the fortress inside the fortress. It was guarding Georgia for centuries, but there were periods, when enemies took over. The fortress keeps traces of both times, giving us unforgettable impression. The fortress has been renovated several years ago. Here you can see the Georgian church, mosque and Madrasa – Islamic school, citadel, and unique museum. The Rabati fortress is one of the highlights of this region.

Day 7
заповедник Сатаплия



Kutaisi, the land of Argonauts.

Today we visit Kutaisi, one of the most beautiful and ancient Georgian cities, the land of Argonauts, situated on the banks of the picturesque Rioni River. You’ll see two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Bagrati Cathedral and Gelaty Monastic Complex.
First, we will visit Bagrati Cathedral. It has been built in XI century by the first king of united Georgia Bagrat and has been since the symbol of united Georgia. It is the cross-domed, tri-conch Cathedral, located on the top of Ukimerioni Hill. The cathedral is distinguished for its elegant proportions, grand size, facade composition, ornaments and relief carvings.
Continue to Gelati Monastic complex – three churches, an academy, that was the centre of cultural and spiritual life, the major centre of enlightenment in Georgia in 12th century, and the grave of David the Builder, founder of complex and the most eminent king in Georgian history. Gelati represents the flourishing mediaeval architecture.
We also visit Motsameta Monastery (11th century) – Located on a cliff above the gorge, the isolated “Church of the Martyrs” offering breath-taking views of the surroundings. It is named after the two brothers killed by Arabs in the 8th century. To make your dearest wish come true, simply crawl three times under the tomb of the martyrs. Locals say that it never fails.
Lunch in Kutaisi, where you can taste delicious Imeretian food.
We continue towards Tskaltubo. We will visit majestic Prometheus Grotto, with stalactites and stalagmites. Named after famous hero Prometheus, who, according legend, was chained to Kazbegi Mountain in Georgia.
Transfer and overnight in Batumi

Day 8




Sightseeng tour of Batumi, the center of Ajarian Autonomous Region. The name of town comes from Greek word: Bathus, meaning the deep harbor; in Batumi there is one of the deepest harbors in the region. We will visit Bpotanical Garden, founded in 1912 by famous Russian Botanist Andrey Krasnov; with more than 5 000 varieties of plants from all over the world.
Overnight in Batumi.

Day 9
Черное море




Visiting Fortress Gonio, mountainous parts of Ajaria, with picturesque views, springs and waterfalls. Visiting local wine house, wine tatsing, master class of local food. Overnight in Batumi.

Day 10
Transfer to Airport (in Tbilisi or in Batumi)

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- lunch and dinner.

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