Adventures in Mountainous Adjara (MAX) (from Batumi)

Full day tour

If you drive around only ten kilometers from the bustling Batumi, you can be in a unique, pristine places untouched by civilization. Mountains, subtropical forests and the sea, unique protected area of ​​Georgia – Adjara Mountain. In this border area for a long time we were not allowed outsiders. Nature felt mistress of these places. We will not violate her rights, but only see what wonders lie in the Ajarian Mountains.

Travel route:

  • Statue of St. Andrew
  • Sarpi
  • Turkish border
  • Gonio Fortress
  • Waterfall Mahuntseti
  • Adjarian Wine House
  • Bridge of Queen Tamara
  • Xulo
  • Lunch in the Adjarian family

Sarpi. Statue of St. Andrew
On the border with Turkey, it is the village of Sarpi. Rather boundary is located in the town, dividing it into two parts, the Georgian and Turkish. Once these lands belonged to Georgia, then Turkey were seized, and only in the twentieth century established the modern state border. 300 years of Ottoman reign could not leave its mark. But the Turks could not be completely deleted from the memory of people the Christian past. Today, on the way to Sarpi in a picturesque corner you can see a monument to one of the most venerated in the Eastern Church of St. Andrew, whose fate led him to the shores of the Black Sea to preach Christianity.

Gonio fortress
In the days of Roman rule it was called Apsaros. A five-meter-long fortress wall kilometer protected northern outpost of the empire from enemies. Along the perimeter walls are 22 towers. 18 of them we can see today. The city can be accessed from the four sides. Under the protection of the walls flowed peaceful life, not worse than the capital. Locals enjoy the arts actors and charioteers competitions at the racetrack.
However, the Romans were in these parts only newcomers. Today, archaeologists can confidently say that the first settlements on the site of Gonio fortress having at least one and a half thousand years BC. Tradition Apsaros associated with the legendary Colchis, a country – ancestor of Georgia. According to the locals here the king of Colchis buried his son Apsyrtus, who fell at the hands of half-sister Medea.
Another legend claims that the Gonio became the resting place of the Apostle Matthew. Science has not yet confirmed, but nor denied the story.

Waterfall Mahuntseti
From the fortress we go to the mountains. All the way up along the turbulent Adzhariczkali river. The unique natural landscape has not been disturbed until now by the presence of man, except that small ancient villages, and stone bridges of the 12th century Tamara Tsarina, thrown through the rapid mountain streams. Next we will see a natural monument – Mahuntseti waterfall. The Mahuntseti streams fall from a height of 20 meters, leaving in the air the smallest water dust, shimmering in the rays of the sun. The waterfall rushes into the natural bowl, in which it was customary to take medicinal baths back in ancient times. But it is unlikely that today there will be brave men ready to jump into the icy water.

Visit to the Ajarian wine house, where they will tell us and taste the unique wine of this region – Chhaveri.

Riding on a cable car. This cable car connects two villages. The road is unique in that it is parabolic and absolute without supports. Smoothly gliding over the gorge, looking at the endless mountain peaks, you will feel all the charm and beauty of the mountains.

Lunch in the Adjarian family
You will not recognize Adzharian cuisine unless you taste it in a real mountain family, such dishes as sinori, borano, kaimagi and of course Adzharian wine. We are waiting for a real feast in the mountains with Georgian hospitality that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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For children from 6 to 12 years – 50% discount

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English speaking guide;
All entrance tickets
Excursion and degustation in privat Georgian winery;
Lunch in the Adjarian family;
Water in the bus;
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