National Park Mtirala

Duration 6 hours

We will make an eco-trip to one of the most famous Georgian wildlife sanctuaries. It was created with the direct participation of the World Foundation for the Protection of Nature (WWF) and the Government of Norway.

Tour program

The Weeping Mountain

Mtirala National Park is located on the mountain of the same name, its height is 1761 meters. The park itself stretches the terraces, descending to the sea. This is a unique place: several climatic zones formed on one mountain. This is the wettest place in Europe. No wonder in Georgian Mtirala in Georgian means “Weeping Mountain”. Different altitude levels are inhabited by representatives of different climatic zones. On each terrace in the zapovednik formed its own, not like the rest of the world. In the park you will see plants and animals that do not grow anywhere else in the world. Waiting for you are huge hawks hovering above the gorge, Caucasian squirrels with fluffy tails, wild boars, unique plants – chestnut trees, Colchis forests, Pontic oaks, rhododendron ungernii.

Park and colchic village

Our route will begin in the gorge of the river Chakviskkali. On the tourist eco-path we will pass, with a serpentine mountain, all terraces-levels of the park – Kolkhid forest, chestnut forest, larch forest, boxwood groves. On the way we will look into the ancient village from chestnut houses, which are several hundred years old. In this village there are many real long-livers. They not only live here for a long time, but they also preserve excellent health. What is not surprising is that springs with mineral water of various composition are everywhere.

We will get acquainted with the life of this Colchis village, visit the high-mountain apiary, and then we will go up to the waterfall and the mountain lake, where we will swim in the crystal clear water and arrange a picnic from the dishes of Adzharian cuisine, fry the Georgian shish kebab.

Despite the fact that the route will pass through the mountainous part of the national park, it will not be tiring, there are signposts and benches for rest on the eco-trail along the entire route, trails equipped with handrails, there are places for camping and picnics.

19$ (55GEL)