Martvili canyons and ancient Colchis (from Batumi)

Full day tour

We will travel in ancient Colchis, a country known for a variety of myths and legends, it is now region of Georgia – Samegrelo

Route trip:

  • Poti (Greek free city – Fazis)
  • Nokalakevi Fortress,
  • The capital of Colchis – ancient city Arheopolis
  • Martvili canyon
  • Hot Springs
  • Salkhino (residence of the Patriarch of Georgia)
  • Chkondidi (Martvili Monastery)

Ancient Colchis, Poti

Colchis – ancient Georgian state in western Georgia In Greek mythology, Colchis and the Caucasus were the elusive “edge of the world.” In the Caucasus, was chained to a rock Prometheus, the kings who ruled in Colchis, were descendants of the sun god Helios. The Argonauts went to Colchis for the Golden Fleece.
First of all we will visit Poti, once there was Fazis – one of the oldest in the Middle East and world cities. Poti is located on the Rioni River, between the sea and the lake Paliastomi. Now it is the largest Georgian port, sea gates of the country.

Fortress Nokalakevi and Arheopolis

From there we will head to the Georgian city of Troy, the capital of Colchis fortress city Nokalakevi, and the ancient city Arheopolis. The city was founded in the XIII century BC According to legend, this is where the Argonauts sailed for the Golden Fleece.

Martvili canyon

Martvili Canyon – our next stop. In the canyon, into the arms of the rocks, down the waterfall with emerald waters. Here we take a boat trip and bathe in the hot sulfur springs.

Salkhino and Chkondidi

The monastery Salkhino is the residence of the Patriarch of Georgia. Here we take a walk through the magnificent park and the monastery kelyam, descend into the ancient wine cellars of the monastery, where they make a unique monastery wine “Ojaleshi”. From Salkhino our path lies in Chkondidi, the main monastery of Samegrelo. The monastery is the tomb of Megrelian princes and famous Martvili Cathedral.

30$(70 gel)

Children under 6 years – FREE
For children from 6 to 12 years – 50% discount

Price is including

English speaking guide;
Georgian SIM card with 4G/3G internet;
Soft drinks in the bus;

Individual Tour Price:
1 to 7 people – 350 GEL
from 7 to 15 people – 700 GEL
from 15 to 46 people – 1700 GEL

VIP Service Price:
from 1 to 7 people – 700 GEL
from 7 to 15 people – 1200 GEL
from 15 to 46 people – 2700 GEL

Start the tour at 09-00, 20-00 return to Tbilisi

Additional payments

Tickets in Martvili Canyon 5 GEL
Boating in the canyon 10 GEL
Lunch (average bill of 15 lari)