Excursion around Batumi, Petra fortress and Botanical Garden

Half day tour

Do you want to learn good Batumi and its surroundings? On this tour you will see all the attractions of this seaside town, know where to swim, buy wine and where it is best to cook Ajarian cuisine, visit the pearl of Batumi – a huge botanical garden with excellent facilities for a photo shoot, and then see the ancient Petra fortress – offering amazing views of Batumi, Adjara mountains and beaches. Completed our tour in one of the best wine cellars of Batumi, where the sommelier will tell you about the Adjarian and Georgian wine and conduct wine and chacha tastings.

Travel route:

  • Batumi
  • Botanical Garden
  • Peter fortress
  • Batumi wine cellars


We will explore Batumi, with a professional guide – an expert in the city. He will give you the opportunity to learn the history of Adjara and Batumi, with its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.

Old and new Batumi

During the tour we will see the old and new Batumi, visit temples and churches of the city. We learn a lot of urban legends and have a look at the most interesting parts of this wonderful city that tourists find on their own is virtually impossible. And of course enjoy the spectacular city views from Batum Mountain.

It will be useful and practical information – where cooking best khinkali and fried delicious khachapuri. Where is the best prepared coffee in Batumi, and where to buy fresh and cheap products. In some cafes and restaurants worth going to, and which ones are not worth your attention. All of this valuable information will make your holiday even better and more enjoyable, will not only have a rest at 100%, but also save time and money.

Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden was founded in 1912 by Andrey Krasnov, brother of the famous Russian general Pyotr Krasnov, Ataman of the Great Don Army.

Today, in the botanical garden collected unparalleled collection of plants from around the world, consisting of more than 8,000 species of trees and shrubs.

Botanical Garden plants represented nine different zones: zone of humid subtropical Transcaucasia, the New Zealand, Australian, Himalayan, East Asian, North American, South American, Mexican and Mediterranean.

Your guide will take you to the most interesting places of the Botanical Garden, will reveal its secrets and of course talk in detail about the amazing flora and fauna of these places.

Petra Fortress

Not far from the Botanical Garden is Petra fortress (Gr. -Skalite). Fortress laid the Byzantine Emperor Justinian of VI century BC The place is considered strategically important: a road through the town from the sea to the mountain regions of Georgia, Armenia and Iran. For possession of a fortress at different times were bloody wars, but not everyone had the strength to take this city on rock. During this fortress received a second name – the fortress Kadzheti, which means “Enchanted Castle”. Until now preserved burial grounds and part of the residential buildings of ancient times, fortifications, ancient basilicas.

22$(50 gel)

Children under 6 years – FREE
For children from 6 to 12 years – 50% discount

Price is including

English speaking guide;
Wine degustation;
Water in the bus;

Start the tour at 10-00, 16-00 return to Tbilisi

Price is not including

Ticket in Botanic garden 8 gel