Great wine tour

8 nights/7 days
The tour starts every day

The wines from Georgia are famous all over the world for their quality. The tour to Georgia – especially in autumn, time of the harvest and green wine- may show you a lot of interesting things about the country and its wine. You will take part in the harvest or you will be just a spectator – both you will taste wonderful Georgian wine and know the country.
There different wine regions in Georgia and each of them is well-known for its unique sorts of wine. The most precious wines – kindzmarauly, tsinandali and saperavi – are produced in the region of Kakhetia. The local wine-makers have been keeping their ancient technology and they are always glad to tell some words about it to our visitors. For the real gourmet it is the best experience – to watch the process of the wine-making, to know it from the vine to the wine-cellar.
Another wine-region is worthy, too. Racha is a region difficult of access. The Khvanchkara is made there – it is a unique semi-sweet natural wine. Racha will charm you by its white mountains, green fields and pure mountain rivers.
You will also visit other cities and towns – Tbilisi and Kutaisi, sources of Borjomi and Stalin`s hometown Gory.

Day 1st

Greeting in the airport.
Transfer to the hotel (Tbilisi).

Day 2nd

09-00 breakfast with fresh fruit and vegetables.
11-00 big excursion in Tbilisi.
The start of our tour is in Tbilisi. It`s a wonderful ancient city full of sights. The old cultural centre of Tbilisi is Tiflis situated next to the river Kura. It`s very nice with its narrow streets, houses with charming balconies and patios. Every house in Tbilisi has own legend – and you`ll like walking in the streets and discovering interesting things everywhere.
Our guide is a professional historic and he`ll help you to visit all the most important sights of Tbilisi and to learn much about the city.
14-00 dinner
Free time
21-00 traditional dinner with live music sand national dances

Day 3rd

09-00 breakfast.
11-00 transfer to Tsinandali.
Tsinandali is a Georgian village`s name and of a sort of wine. Tsinandali is one of the oldest centers of wine-making. The producing and the cellars were founded by Georgian price Alexandre Chavchadze in 1886. There you can also find the patrimony of princes Chachadze surrounded by a beautiful park with an ancient chapel. The famous Russian diplomat and poet Griboedov and Nina Chavchadze were married there.
16-00 transfer to Telavi
17-00 excursion to Telavi
The action of the well-known film “Mimino” starts in Telavi.we will visit the sights of the town and – of course – the local wine-cellar.
21-00 traditional dinner

Day 4th

09-00 breakfast.
11-00 transfer to Kvareli.
We will visit the palace Gremy – the ex-capital of Kakhetia and the cloister of Nenkresi. You will appreciate the splendid view from the cloister. The next stop is the lake Iliya where you will admire the wonderful nature of Caucasus.
Traditional dinner
We go to a little settlement Kindzmarauli situated in the Alazanskaya valley, just in the place where the river Durudgi meets the Alazani. We will visit the winery named Khareba . Its cellar is unusual, it`s in a tunnel 770 m long. There we will taste one of the rarest wine sorts Kindzmarauli. The real Kindzmarauli is produced only there.
In the evening we are invited to a family winery and we may compare the wine made there and the wine from the big wineries. You may also learn to cook traditional meals – shoti (bread), shashlyk, khachapuri and so on. During the dinner taste the local vodka “chacha”.
We will spend the night there in comfortable rooms.

Day 5th

09-00 breakfast.
11-00 trasnfer to Signakhi.
A little nice settlement Signakhi is situated on a hillside. To get it you cross a picturesque valley. There is a convent of Saint Nino there. Saint Nino was one of the first to adopt Christianity in Georgia. Next to the grave of Saint Nino there is a source which is considered to be healing. The fonts for the pilgrims are there, too.
Dinner. Hotel
Excursion to Signakhi.
Signakhi is a town situated on terraces connected with narrow streets. For this romantic feature it`s called “Town of love”. All the town is built in the style of Italian classicism so the mix of this splendid architecture and wonderful nature makes the town especially charming. The fortress is situated there too.
The winery Pheasant`s Tears – one of the most famous – is located there. We will learn about the wine-making in special clay jars and taste the wine in the ancient – 250 years old – tasting hall. We recommend you the sorts of Saperavi and Rkatsiteli.
Traditional dinner.
Hotel in Signakhi.

Day 6th

10-00 breakfast.
11-00 transfer to Borjomi.
The healing sources of Borjomi will help you much after all your wine-tasting.
There you will admire the picturesque Borjomi gorge and the park you will observe the Borjomi plateau from the cable-way and of course you will taste the healing water from the famous sources.
On the way we will visit Stalin`s hometown Gory. His house is open for the visitors as a museum.
Dinner with fresh trout with vegetables and cheese and other local meals.
Transfer to Kutaisi.
21-00 dinner.

Day 7th

09-00 breakfast.
Transfer to Racha.
Racha is a reserved mountain region of Georgia where the vineyards of Khvanchkara are situated. The sorts of vine Alexandrouli and Mudjuretuli are only there. It`s impossible to grow them in other regions. That`s why the real Khvanchkera is made only in Racha.
14-00 family dinner with local wine and meals
Transfer to the church Nicortsminda named “Beautiful Bride”. This church has a such name because of its decoration – subtle stone carving and wonderful frescos inside.
Transfer to Kutaisi.
21-00 dinner

Day 8th

Early breakfast.
Transfer to the airport of Tbilisi or Kutaisi.

Package price per person:

• Guesthouse or family hotels – $690
• Hotel 3* – $790
• Hotel 4* – $990
• Hotel 5* – $1700
Children under 6 years – free. Children under 12 years – 50% discount.

Package price per person for a group of 10-15 people

• Guesthouse or family hotels – $490
• Hotel 3* – $610
• Hotel 4* – $850
• Hotel 5* – $1400

Package price per person for a group of 15 people and more:

• Guesthouse or family hotels – $470
• Hotel 3* – $570
• Hotel 4* – $790
• Hotel 5* – $1200

Children under 6 years – free. Children under 12 years – 50% discount.

When a group of more than 20 people – 1 person for FREE

Single room supplement per day:
in the guesthouse or family hotel – $15;
Hotel 3 * – $20;
Hotel 4 * – $40;
Hotel 5* – $90;

The price includes:

• Accommodation (DBL or TWN room in hotel)
• Breakfast
• Master classes of Georgian cuisine
• All wine degustation
• Welcome dinner with Georgian dances
• Transfers
• English-speaking guide
• Medical Insurance
• Printing map of Tbilisi and Georgia
• Sim card of local operator with 3G internet;
• 24 hours informational assistance
• Good mood!

The price doesn’t include:

- lunch and dinner.
* Full board package, extra $220 (including alcohol drinks)

Single room supplement per day:

Family Hotel – $15
Hotel 3 * – $20
Hotel 4 * – $40
Hotel 5 * – $90

Additional day of stay per person in double room:

a guesthouse or a family hotel – $15
Hotel 3 * – $20
Hotel 4 * – $40
Hotel 5 * – $90
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